Thursday, August 13, 2015

Nizar M: Both Sides Now

First five images from Gert Defever

One of FH's main theme's is story. My quest to investigate the stories behind the creation of some of my favorite images. I always like to know how a photographer and model connected, the theme or concept behind it's conception, and the behind the scenes stories about it's creation. Then of course there is the stories told within the images themselves. When I first introduced FH readers to Brussels model Nizar M last fall, he was inhabiting the character of a sailor in a vintage black and white themed shoot from photographer Wim de Roo. (Tell Me Your Stories)

Writers of course need to create characters to help bring their words and stories to life. Movies can only thrive with actors who are able to play those characters. When photographing the male form, artist require a model able to support their vision and the telling of there stories. I have often seen great images with compelling stories that have fallen flat by a model not able to truly connect and portray not just the character, but the feel and mood as well. Nizar M isn't one of those models.

When I first featured his work, I was impressed with Nizar's ability to both visually and emotionally, bring to live the man he was portraying. When I contacted Nizar about another FH piece, I was again struck by his range of emotion and expression. I chose two shoots that I felt demonstrated this best. The first is from photographer Gert Defever and the second from Photographer Divers.

'In my work with Gert, we were not working in a studio setting but rather trying out different things around his big house, in his garden and even in his backyard street, where some graffiti art can be found. Gert emphasized on having a natural, causal, kind of boy-next-door feel to the shoot. We shot for about 3 hours in a very laid-back atmosphere, taking breaks to chat with his boyfriend and neighbours.'

'It probably was the 1st time that I'd finish a shoot without having a clear idea on how the photos will look like. Then, I was pleasantly surprised when Gert started sending me his selection from the shoot which turned out to be a very fun, colorful and optimistic one.'

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The two shoots beautifully contrast different emotions which Nizar expresses through many forms, fashion, pose but especially what he expresses through his face and those incredible eyes of his. Both sets of images are sensual, both show some skin, albeit one more than the other... In Gert's images, Nizar describes himself as sort of the boy next door, clean cut, smiling, bringing flowers to his love. In Diver's images, there is no need for flowers, just a sultry look, and that erection of course, making it clear what's on his mind.

Below: Nizar M by Divers

I think sex is actually on Nizar's mind in both sets of images. In one however, it is just a bit more subtle. We are all sexual beings, but most of us have grown understand the need to control; depending who where we're at, and who we're with, how much is safe to intimately express. Most of us, when out with someone we're attracted to, hope the night might end with sex. Most of us also quickly learn though, that the end is dependant on the beginning. With some people, that beginning includes smiles, talk, flowers and dinners. For others, we can begin right at the tearing off of the pants part. It is the evolved man, that knows when each role needs to be played.  Check out more from these two shoots on the Over-Flow HERE:

'I've shot with Dieter on 2 occasions and a 3rd shoot is on the way. Dieter explained to me that he wishes to work with confident uninhibited models to create his erotica-driven work. Dieter is also a painter and he kind of projects that in his photography, looking for specific poses and compositions. The focus of his photos and of most of his drawings is the male anatomy, exposed yet intimately captured.'

'When doing nude, sexually-charged images, the 1st few minutes are often a bit stressing: being completely nude in a studio, worrying about getting a hard on (when it's not required). Luckily for me, my exhibitionist nature quickly kicks in and I feel that actually stimulated Dieter to go for some bolder photos.'

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