Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Lads Of Late Night

Johnny Carson

I was a bit young to catch much of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, I saw a few of his final episodes, and many bits on Youtube. My few memories of his tenor are mostly dedicated to the few episodes I begged to stay up and watch when Joan Rivers was guest hosting. With the recent news that Antenna T V was going to begin airing his old episodes, I dug up a folder I had started awhile ago dedicated to the hotness on late night TV.

Problem was, there wasn't always much hotness going on after Prime Time. I never took to Leno and don't believe I watched even one episode of his time on The Tonight Show. Something about him turned me off, he seems like a nice enough guy, but there was something sort of 'old' about his comedy, even when he was younger. But with Letterman's retirement this past May, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert saying good bye to their shows (although Colbert will be back on CBS) seemed a good time to revive the story idea.

Jay Leno

David Letterman

Hunting for a shirtless Letterman wasn't easy, but the net is full of surprises. Letterman was my late night TV, through High School, University and beyond. I got to one taping when in New York in 2005 with Gwyneth Paltrow as the main guest.

Arsenio Hall

I think if Arsenio had made all his guests go shirtless as he did with Van Damme, he might still be on the air.

Conan O'Brien

Stephen Colbert

I didn't know how much I loved Stephen Colbert until seeing him singing and dancing with Martha Plimpton in Company.

Jimmy Fallon

James Corden

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy with Chris Soules

Seth Meyers

Seth in a skit from SNL, Will Forte also looking pretty hot on the far left

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart was hot, still is, he will be missed.  Hopefully he'll be back on television is some capacity soon.

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