Monday, September 7, 2015

Breather (Part 2) Cristian by Mount Photography

Last month, FH readers joined photographer Mark Montovio from Mount Photography as he took some quick shots of Antonin, (Breather) in-between the models work with photographer Andrew Bowman. Mark had arranged for Andrew to meet and work with both Antonin and Cristian and during Andrew's shoot, Mark took the opportunity to take a few snaps during set-ups and breaks.

After featuring Mark's images of Antonin, I couldn't resist also adding these incredibly hot images of Cristian. Mark has been shooting Cristian for several years and both his look, and his presence have beautifully matured over the span of their work together. Christian looks incredibly hot, confident in his sex appeal, demonstrated by how he moves and poses his body, and through his seductive and commanding brown eyes. Check out some of my previous pieces featuring Mark's work with Cristian HERE:

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