Monday, September 7, 2015

Favorite Five: Calum Hood

I have discovered, although you can run, you can't every totally hide from catchy boy band tunes. I find myself singing 5 Seconds of Summer's She Looks So Perfect more often than I care to admit. It might be the catch lyrics, or it might be the adorable 4 Aussies who make up the band.

Some of you might remember 19 year old band member Calum Hood from last summer, when his private snapchat went public. The bassist and singer took it all in stride joking about the incident. He had nothing to worry about.... Calum's unique hotness comes from Kiwi and Scottish heritage. Calum has an amazing smile, and being in a boy band, there are tons of pics on the net of Calum and his band mates having lots of fun while on tour. Thankfully for his fans, Calum seems to like his fun without pants and no one seems to be complaining!

Being mounted by band mate Ashton, not much room on the bus to escape.

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