Friday, September 25, 2015

Gentle Giant: Jeremy by Studio James

'Within moments of meeting him my fears faded as this gentle giant's soft, quiet voice showed a kind and peaceful spirit beneath that tough, muscular exterior.'

Whenever I profile the work of Robert James I always taken aback with how beautifully he is able to depict peacefully erotic moments. As we all know, erotic moments are not all wild and loud. Many of the most intense feelings of erotic are not only quiet, they often come when we're totally alone. Many artists who focus on the male form, focus on the connection between model and camera, or model and the viewer of the image. Robert's focus is often more concise, with connection focus being between the model, and himself.

Today's world is full of easy ways to connect, especially through the Internet and social media. Many believe this can hamper or interfere with one's ability to actually connect with another person, but I also feel it limits our ability to connect with ourselves. I love how Robert's images so often focus on men alone. Moments of peace, relaxation and self love and stimulation.

These moments are particularly enjoyable when the model is as stunning as Jeremy. Jeremy's beautiful eyes and incredible muscled physique look especially hot in this set of images. Robert shares that Jeremy was the first model with a body builder type build that he has shot. Roberts says that although he was looking forward to their work together, he was worried about how to shoot such a strong, masculine individual. As the quote at the top states, Robert was quickly at ease with the gentle giant.

'With some models you need to do a lot of gentle coaxing and encouragement which can be a lot of work when you're trying to be creative. However Jeremy was very comfortable in front of the camera and had no problems showing his body. He quickly slipped into each setting and I couldn't have asked for more. He owned each scene as if he was in his own living room and just relaxing for the evening.'

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Daniel said...

What an amazing example of a man, I only hope you can feature him again.