Thursday, September 17, 2015

One Lad a Leaping: Jake by Suntown Photography

When I contacted Suntown Photography last month about a new feature, I didn't initially realize I featured the artists images of Jake before. In the first piece I ever did featuring the UK photographers work, The Bare Necessities (2012) there was a hot young guy with short blonde hair featured in images, and on the cover of Suntown's book Lads of the United Kingdom.

As you can tell if you clicked on the link above, the then 19 year old has grown his beautiful blonde hair, as well as the hair on every part of his body. One of Suntown's goals is to shoot men who maintain their natural body hair, and not feel the need to overly manscape. I did a post last year, Furskin which focused on this particular theme featuring Suntown's images.

It was in fact Jake's hair, both his body, and his beautiful head of blonde, that had me wanting to feature this set. There is a realness to Suntown's images of Jake, not overly styled, nor overly edited, especially in with the hotel room series of images. What really stands out with Jake's images however is his incredible smile. Jake's sexy grin is both natural and engaging drawing the viewer in as he truly looks like he's having a blast in front the camera.

Suntown agree's he has a 'lovely smile' and Jake is one of the photographers early models he is really glad he kept in touch with. Being a performer and dance enthusiast, the Bournemouth model describes himself as extremely versatile to directing as well as assisting and taking in information.

In addition, with his dance background, Jake has a connection with his body which leads to great movement and a fluidity with pose. Suntown shares that Jake is also one of those models who comes to a shoot with energy and ideas which always makes it both more creative, and a lot more fun! If you want to have even more fun, check out more of Suntown's images of Jake on The Over-Flow.

'He really enjoyed doing the outdoor shots. Especially leaping about. He was able to demonstrate some of the skills he learnt as a dancer. I am looking forward to working with him again.'