Thursday, September 17, 2015

San Andreas Men

San Andreas was an over the top, far fetched action flick that surged into theatres this past summer, but didn't really make that much of an impact. When I saw the film recently, the non stop action, and hot male cast certainly made an impression on me, especially actor Hugo Johnstone-Burt whose work I hadn't known til seeing him the flick.

Below: Colton Haynes who has a far too small role in the flick

Hugo Johnstone-Burt

Aussie actor Hugo Johnstone-Burt has been a fixture on Australian TV in mainstay shows like Sea Patrol, Dance Academy and Home And Away. San Andreas is Hugo's first big film in the US and I am sure it is just the beginning.

Hugo in Sea Patrol (2011)

Will Yun Lee

I have been enjoying Will Yun Lee's work for years, including a stint a couple of seasons ago in True Blood. Will had quite a summer with not only his role in San Andreas, but also showing up in Melissa McCarthy's Spy.

Will in What's Cooking (2000)

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson is the perfect hero for an action flick, even if most of what he did was not at all humanly possible.

The Rock's rock hard ass in Ballers (2015)

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