Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vincent Spano: An Indian Summer

Over the years, every once in a while I devote an entire day's postings to one actor. Normally... it is not just because the actor is a favorite of mine. Usually, it is a combination of factors that come together to inspire me to do more than one blog piece. This is the case with today's tribute to actor Vincent Spano.

I have always thought Spano to be a incredibly sexy and talented actor. But... up until this past summer my crush was more about his looks than his work. My memories of Spano growing up were more about his pin-ups and photos in teen magazine during the late 80's and early 90's than any particular role, movie or television show. But then came the last gasp of summer.

When I was putting together my week plus long theme, Last Gasp of Summer, one of the days was devoted to summer camp. As part of my research for this piece, I watched a few of my favorite, and a few new, summer camp movies. I watched several summer camp themed movies but ultimately decided to focus on Matt Dillon in Little Darlings and the endlessly fascinating and disturbing Sleepaway Camp. But... I could not get one of the movies I watched for the theme out of my head.

The 1993 flick Indian Summer was a movie I rented back in the 90's and ended up fast forwarding through. I was in my early twenties at the time, and the story of adults going back to the camp that made such an impact on them didn't really resonate with me at the time. Watching the film again now had so much for meaning for me now, especially given the time I spent myself at summer camp, as both a camper, and a counsellor.

I couldn't take my eyes off Vincent Spano when I watched again. Bill Paxton was the male lead, but Spano and his character, was the most interesting to me. Spano was also so damned hot and appealing. I made a not to do a piece on Spano and the film in my 'story idea' folder but didn't go back to it until late September. One day in late September or early October I was flicking through twitter and stopped when seeing an image (see in post below) of a 17 year old Spano in a photo with one of his early co-stars Lisa Whelchel from The Facts Of Life.

The images brought back memories of the Spano I grew up seeing in teen magazines and movies and I began to save some images for a post I planned for his October 18th Birthday. When I went into that folder last week I found there were dozens of images, too many for just a birthday post. In addition, I got my hands on some of Spano's films, including his one and only brief nude scene, in the mid 80's comedy Creator.

So.. that brings us to today. A bit late for an actual Indian Summer, but still a blast heat stemming from my Last Gasp Of Summer themed. I hope fans of Spano enjoy this look back and I hope readers not familiar with his work might check out one of his films. Spano is a gifted actor who has been working on television an in film since the late 70's and is still steadily working, and still looking mighty fine, today. If you're as enamoured of Spano as I am, check out his official website for more images and info HERE:

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