Friday, November 20, 2015

Paix et amour

First off, my thoughts and prayers have been with those affected by the horrid attacks in Paris and elsewhere last week. There is nothing funny about Terrorism, and this post is not meant to disrespect, nor make light of any of the events since last Friday. But... after having watched a bit of the coverage I did have a bit of a FH themed observation. I like CNN, but I find the coverage, by them and most news channels, of horrible world events extremely unsettling and gratuitous. In most cases, after the actual story occurs, in this case the attacks last Friday night, there isn't really much new... news.

But... in order to continue having viewers (and ratings and money) flow in, networks milk every event. Sending their most 'serious' looking reports to the story. Sadly though, without any actual 'new' news, this usually consists of replaying the story, especially sensational video, over and over and over again. Usually so many times, that it's ability to impact, pretty much disappears. Video that was shocking and sad on Friday night, becomes annoying and boring on Sunday after having it played on a loop for two days. In addition, they also bring on pundits to discuss the issue to death. Some of CNN's terrorism pundits seem intent to spread more fear, than actual factual information.

On the plus side however, there is also a focus on positive stories. Stories of hope, survival, heroism and the human spirit. Watching the dad tell his young son, 'they have guns, we have flowers' was a beautiful moment. Anderson Cooper interviewed several people whose acts of survival were both frightening and inspirational. Although I am sure it wasn't intentional, Wednesday nights 360 also included Anderson talking with several French hotties. First Anderson was out on the streets with one guy who should be a model. Shortly after, Anderson was interviewing Isobel Bowdery. Her account of being inside the Paris' Bataclan Concert Hall, went viral. As she sat with her boyfriend, who was also trapped in the Hall, I thought this guy doesn't look like he could be a model, he has to be a model... and he is.

'I don't usually speak on social networks, but there are too many thing I can't contain and who won't let me find sleep as long as I don't-Kay.'
Success model Amaury Baudoin, who also accounted his ordeal within the Concert Hall on Facebook.

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