Friday, November 20, 2015

An Autumn Afternoon: Zach Clemens by NICKET

'Zach has a great combination of maturity and playfulness that makes him a pleasure to work with. He is willing to go along with whatever concepts I suggest and he has no inhibitions about being in front of the camera, he truly enjoys the experience. He always comes prepared and ready to go.'

Earlier this year, we joined photographer Nichols, NICKET, along with model Zach Clemens on an early May California beach shoot. (Free Like A Bee) In that shoot, Nicholas captured a portrait of many of the qualities associated with a quintessential California beach bum. Zach not only has the hot and the blonde down pat, he has a great body, fit not through hours at the gym, but hours in the sun and the surf.

Zach expresses a sexual freedom and spirituality which comes through not only in his care free attitude about being naked, but in his relationship with his surroundings. In the previous feature, Zach connected not only with the viewer, but the rocks, sand and ocean that surrounded him.

In this series of images, taken just this fall, Zach becomes a beautiful piece of the landscape, lounging within the long field grass, now yellowed and dry after months of being heated by the summer sun. You can almost feel both the roughness and coolness of the dried out grass against Zach's skin.

I love the contrast between Zach's skin and hair color with the similar colors that has nature's studio provided. I also love the contrast in emotion, look and feel between Nicholas' Spring shoot, and his recent return to nature with this shoot with Zach.

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