Monday, November 2, 2015

Zenith: Juanjo by Mount Photography

When I began FH back in 2007, forming long term connections with the artists and models tha I was featuring wasn't really on my mind. As time went on however, it became important to me to respect the artists and models and credit the work I was featuring. Equally important, asking questions and discovering behind the scenes stories about how the shoots came together, became one of my favorite parts of putting together pieces for the site.

I soon began reaching out to artists and models about stories and profiles for the blog. Surprisingly to me, many also began reaching out to me. Gibraltar based photographer Mark Montovio from Mount Photography first contacted me in 2009 and our first FH collaboration began with a post featuring model Antonio Garcia.

I featured the work of many artists over the past nine years, but Mark is among a small group of incredibly generous artists whose work I love to feature whenever I have the opportunity. Mark's work has headlines some of my favorite pieces including Serpent Handler and one of my favorite Halloween staples, Excessive Masquerade. It has also been great to follow the progress, and changing looks of some of the models Mark has been shooting over the past 5 years.

If you check out one of my first pieces featuring Cristian from 2012, and one I did earlier this year, Breather, it is incredible to see not only physical changes, but also visible changes in maturity and confidence in front of the camera.

With his living and working in Spain, one of the joy's of featuring Mark's work has always included seeing locations, and models, new and unique. In the US, especially models based in New York, there is the opportunity to be shot by many photographers who focus on the male form. Mark, as well as the equally generous Mark Leighton have introduced FH readers to models we might never have had the opportunity to see and enjoy.

That brings us to the sizzlingly hot Juanjo. Juanjo exudes an intensely sexual energy that simply can't be extinguished. His incredible fit body and those smouldering eyes and great lips are captured perfectly by Mark. I especially some of poses Mark captured in the two images just below. Despite Juanjo's amazing look, Mark shares the shoot wasn't without it's challenges. The nudist beach in Málaga in which they shot on was new to Mark, and despite the great shots you see here, it was not easy finding locations worthy of surrounding Juanjo with. It was also midday and the full sun wasn't ideal.

Then there was Juanjo himself. Although many photographers might welcome an 'excited' model, this is not the case with Mark. Because he primarily showcases his work on sites like Model Mayhem, where too much 'excitement' can actually limit what images an artist is able post and feature. Patience therefore became important, and Mark waited for things, (thing) to settle down a bit... before beginning to shoot.

In Bed With Nick Wolanski by Mount Photography

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