Saturday, December 19, 2015

Martha Stewart With Muscles: Jon by YogaBear Studio

'David knows how to draw out the most sensual and sexy side of me. I know every shot will be visually stunning and artistically appealing.'

FH readers know that I have had a thing for gingers since I was a kid and chronicled my love, and my first ginger crush in a piece (Russet) last year. I find it difficult to imagine that everyone doesn't feel as I do, but Jon, Ginger Jon, knows that he has a look currently in demand. Although Red Hot was a sensation, ginger haired models didn't always have the easiest time getting attention on the industry.

It is hard to imagine Jon having any trouble getting attention, and as soon as I saw his work with YogaBear Studio's this past September, I was eager to feature his imagery. I am not sure that Jon was initially quite as eager, as I pounced on him with a request before YogaBear's David even had time to finish editing all of the images from their first shoot. After their second shoot however, I had Jon's support and even a larger array of images to choose from.

Jon's hair is just the beginning of why his images, and his work with David, is so appealing, so unique and so visually and powerfully sexual. As physically impressive as Jon's physique may be, David is incredibly skilled at capturing that form while at the same time, bringing out spiritual and soulful qualities in the men in front of his camera. There is something intensely sensual about weaving a man's physical strength, along with an intimate vulnerablity within a singular image.

So many images of the male form seem strive to depict men as simply a mass of muscle and testosterone but my favorite images are ones that go a bit deeper. Images that explore the who the man is beyond his muscle mass index, penis size and physical appearance. At 41, Jon is much more than meets the eye. Born in Texas, Jon moved to San Diego 22 years ago. Jon has grown to enjoy and love the San Diego lifestyle, even though with his fair skin and that head of ginger hair, he may not look like your typical sun worshiper.

'I have two rotten boxers, Carlie and Maya, that I love to death. Living with them is like living with a couple of slobbery, wobbly, waggling toddlers. I went to culinary school, and in my free time I enjoy doing lots of "sissy things" as I call them: cooking and baking, making and canning jelly out of the pomegranates or kumquats from the trees in my yard, and knitting. I refer to myself as the gay Martha Stewart with muscles.'

I am pretty sure that most people who see Jon's images don't think of kumquat jelly, except maybe to visualize him rolling naked in it, but I Jon's penchant for pomegranates is one of the reasons I love exploring the story behind artists and models whose images draw my attention. David shares that Jon was an amazing guy to shoot and that he jumped right into modeling with both feet, giving them the opportunity to try a bunch of different types of work. 'I'm looking forward to seeing what he gets with other photographers. We've also planned a leather/fetish shoot—looking forward to that.'

'David is a consummate professional. I feel extremely comfortable working with him even in the most intimate shoots. I get so excited when I start getting proofs back from him, because they are always so much better than I could imagine. Probably my favorite thing about working with David is that it is often a truly collaborative process.'

'Many photographers say they want input from the model, but David gets really excited when you suggest an idea for a shot or a theme for a photo shoot. He has encouraged me to explore different aspects of my personality and push my boundaries. We are planning some shoots that I know will be really fantastic.'

If you follow FH, you know I love featuring David's location work on the rail road tracks and on the rocks. Although I focused on Jon's studio work here, check out a little of David's location work with Jon on The Over-Flow HERE: and the complete set on YogaBear Studio's site HERE:

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Wonderful image work by both David and Jon..... thank you for sharing this.