Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Muscles & Mountains: Joel

First 8 Images above from Gordon Nebeker

'The models (Joel, Will, and Rob) were terrific! They came ready to give their full effort to realize the photographs we wanted to take. Each of them very different in many ways and yet they got along very well together. I would not hesitate to work with any or all of them again and can recommend them highly.'

As I said when I posted on Sunday when posted Muscles and Mountains, photographers Gordon Nebeker, Mike Tossy and Studio MG Photography provided so many incredible visuals, individual follow-ups were not just required, but demanded. Today we begin with the youngest model of the Moab trio, Joel. Many of you might be familiar with Joel's work, and some of you might remember my profile of his modeling work early last year. (Getting Off Easy)

Although all three models shine both when together, and when shot separately, Joel seemed to act as sort of the Nexus in many of the images. Joel has the ability to connect with whomever he is shooting with, and in many of the images, seems to pull the three models together, both physically and organically. When it comes to natural wonders, Joel's incredible body, beautiful green eyes, and his perfectly sculpted butt give those mountains a run for their money.

UTAH: 2013/2014/2015

Next two images from Mike Tossy

Remaining images from studio MG Photography


Bobby F. said...

Youngest? I thought he was the one in his 30s! Very interesting.

Steve said...

Really excellent photography, using the best possible material.