Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Muscles & Mountains: Will

Below: Will by Gordon Nebeker

'Everyone combined make this an amazing weekend. From Rob, Will and Joel in front of the cameras, to Mike and Gordon behind the cameras by me, to Jeff in the planning stages.'

Many of you remember that I first introduced Will to readers of FH in two pieces featuring his studio work with Gordon this past November. When I saw the 'behind the scenes's shot above taken by Mark from Studio MG Photography I was reminded of Gordon sharing that Will never wasted any time he used to keep himself pumped up!

Mark's shot of Mike shooting Will

'On the Utah shoot, Gordon remembers being impressed with how Will used any extra time he had, quick moments between shoots, or during breaks to keep his muscles pumped up. Even if there were no weights handy, Will found a way. He would drop and do pushups or pick up a tree trunk or anything laying around and do overhead lifts with it. '

Image from Mike Tossy

All of that pumping clearly has paid off! With Will's incredible physique and incredible body, his beautifully sculpted facial features, and his flow and movement in front of the camera, Will epitomizes why so many artists are so passionate about shooting the male form.

Will by Gordon Nebeker

Mike & Will watch the shoot (Next 2 images by Studio MG Photography)

Will by Mike Tossy

Remaining images from Gordon Nebeker

UTAH 2013/2014/2015

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