Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Space Between Us by Ohm Phanphiroj

'The Space Between Us is a journey of my life and the men I have encountered. Some are intimate. Some are casual. Some are memorable. And some I wish never happened.'

It is not always easy featuring the work of artist Ohm Phanphiroj, but nothing, really truly rewarding, is ever easy. Today, when checking out Ohm's facebook page, I was greeted with this quote above the image he posted, 'You can avoid being alone, but not loneliness.' This quote sort of sums up what I so love both Ohm's imagery, and the words and emotions that inspire them. Ohm's work for me, cannot simply be viewed, enjoyed and forgotten. It stays with you, packing an emotional blow that lingers with you long after your eyes have moved on from the visual. Great art isn't something that only affects you while you're viewing it, it becomes part of your soul and your being...always.

A man without a scar is a man without a journey. And a man who has a journey always has a story to tell. Around us, there are millions of stories waiting to be shared, if asked. Every day in my life, however random or boring it seems, is a story. It's a story of a man who is complex, mysterious, misunderstood, broken, insecure, longing, and sad. And the opposite is also true.

The world is full of dramas. Dramas about love, relationship, and heartbreak created as part of our journey—so we can claim that we have lived. It has been eight years since my last book, Nighthawks. During this silence, I have continued my journeys, creating moments about love, lust, and desire. All of which are an illusion, but no regrets. Something so strange about human interactions is that the more we try to get close to someone, the more distance there is in between. Even stranger, sometimes, the more we try to distance ourself, the closer we feel, the more desire. Each image in the book offers more than a thousand words. It's real yet imaginative; physical yet intangible; soothing and painful all at once. I want the images to transport you to the place we all identify with and share universally, in hope of closing the gap in the physical space we have between us and the boys we love, lust and long for…for life is desire…..

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