Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Winter Jacket: Tyler by Philip Rugel Photo

'Take Off Your Pants and Jack-It!'
Blink 182

Most of us, on a fairly regular basis, have been welcomed by someone telling us to 'Come on in and take off our coat.' In most cases, that coat is covering other clothing and when that coat comes off, we're not generally naked underneath. I remember however, that growing up there were often scenes on television and in movies of women, greeting their husbands and boyfriends wearing nothing but a big fur or heavy coat.

There is something incredibly sexy about a naked body covered only by a piece of clothing not usually meant to come in such close contact with skin. I am sure there are many people who have gotten a rush from being out in public. wearing nothing under their jacket but their skin. Down jackets in particular have a large following in the fetish community.

I can't think of any better way to show off Tyler's impressive assets than the winter coat photographer Philip Rugel covered, and of course, uncovered him in. Tyler is without a doubt, a naturally sexy guy. Philip however, superbly revved up his erotic appeal with the winter jacket, and Tyler's white socks, worn in the last two images. These small, but significant additions, really have this set of images beautifully stand out, eliciting carnal reactions from the viewer.

I remember having a similar reaction the first time I saw one of Philip's images. The last photo within the first profile I did featuring Philip's work, Greatest Moments, included a shot of model Cutter, lounging naked in the back of a cutlass. Cutter was hot enough, but Philip again added a few touches, a backwards ball cap and Cutter's boxers in the foreground of the image, all of which inspired me to get in contact Philip about seeing more of his work.

The Kalamazoo photographer switch over to focusing on the male form after years of shooting mostly nature and architectural shots. 'I completed a collection of over 5000 flower types by the age of 30 and sold many prints of my flower pics.' Flowers, when viewed from a distance, often seem to all look the same. Up close however, there are small, distinct differences in color and appearance, and a good photographer knows exactly where to focus to accentuate small details to have that particular flower, stand out from the rest.

Tyler certainly stands out. Because I like to focus on images and models as individuals, and not just a collection of body parts, I don't generally comment on genitalia size and appearance. Although they are clearly important in the photography of the male form, they are also to me, just a part of the body and model's overall appearance. I couldn't ignore however, Tyler's spectacular family jewels. Testicles are not always the most photogenic of body parts, but in Tyler's case, his low hangers beautifully balance out the entire visual package.

Tyler stays in shape though landscaping work, but living in Michigan, is at his busiest during the summer. Despite his tats and rather serious expressions, you might assume Tyler is a bit of a tough guy. Behind those big beautiful eyes however, lies a pussy cat. A real animal lover, Tyler spends his spare time during the winter working part time at an animal shelter. The day of the shoot in fact, he had spent the morning driving to a neighbouring town to pick up a kitten for his 3 year old son. If you want to see more of Philip's shots of Tyler, be sure to visit his tumblr HERE:

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