Saturday, December 12, 2015

Unexpectedly Shirtless

There are many actors who you just expect to see shirtless. In many cases, people more than expect it, they almost demand it. As talented as the Hemsworth brothers are, they are also gorgeous, and not throwing in at least shirtless scene would be disappointing to many. Movie promoters know that showing a little skin in a promo, often has film goers wanting another look. All of the television ads for the current release of Daddy's Home feature a quick glimpse of the buffed up chest of actor Mark Wahlberg.

There are other performers however, you don't always expect to see shirtless, and when you do, it is often pleasantly surprising. Each day that I post on FH, one of my favorite tasks is choosing which celebrity or model to feature in the birthday post. Some days, this task takes far more time than it should. Although I hark back to past Birthday posts, I try to include images that are new and unique, and not feature the same hunk year after year.

Although I didn't end up posting December 1st of this year, I saved the image above of Donny Osmond to use on that date. I have featured Osmond's Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat in past birthday posts and always impressed at how hot the former teen idol looks. While I didn't post the images on Osmond's birthday, I was looking for a way to weave it into a post. I began searching for images of actors, not usually known for showing skin.

Christopher Walken

Most of today's actors are required to show a bit of skin now and then, but I came upon a few tumblrs that had some images of older actors and performers, sans their shirts, that I hadn't seen before. All are incredibly talented, but some...were surprisingly hot. Many of them, especially Jerry Lewis and John Malkovich were not performers I ever saw through a sexual lens, but with these images, maybe you to will see a performer you like through different eyes.

Jack Nicholson

Dean Martin

John Belushi

Dennis Hopper

John Malkovich

Jerry Lewis

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