Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Stylish Pair: Bond by Alex from New Manhattan Studios

In addition to Alex, most of you know one of my favorite models from New Manhattan Studios is Bond Brown. Wes and Alex's images of Bond have an important part of FH the last couple of years, especially around the holidays. Many of you might remember, that it was Alex, acting as a PA on Bond's Orange and Black shoot, that ended up producing many of the final images I used, after Wes's camera struggles.

In addition to loving Bond's work as a model, I have always enjoyed the images of he and Alex that Wes has shared in each of the pieces that we have done. In addition to forming a great working relationship, Bond and Alex have become friends, enjoying each others company, something that comes through clearly in the images that Wes has captured of them together.

Catch Of The Day!

The following shots are some new 'behind the scenes' shots that Wes captured during Bond's last session in the studio. Wes shares this series has to be fully edited, but you can look forward to more from this series in the future on New Manhattan Studios. Included at the bottom are some of the final images, photographed by Alex, during the shoot.

'Shooting Bond was interesting. I have this sexy nude man in front of me, but at the same time it's Bond. A friend, a the person I sit down at a bar and have drinks with. When I shoot a person I have some background with, I tend to be more conservative, making the pictures more about the facial expressions than the body. The face should capture the viewer’s attention, making them more interested in the person, not just of "a hot nude guy." On that that note, when it comes to posing, Bond's facial expressions are great. He can be shy, aggressive, flirtatious or just simply hot.'

~Bond by Alex from New Manhattan Studios~

See more of Alex & Bond Behind The Scenes images HERE: & HERE:

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