Saturday, January 2, 2016

Favorite Face of The Day: Alex MacNicoll

Anyone who watched season 1 of Amazon's extraordinary series Transparent, remembers the adorable face introduced at the end of the season, that of Colton, played by actor Alex MacNicoll. I loved every second of season 1, and have anxiously awaiting the show's second season to begin. I am about 6 episodes in and although I am still enjoying it, I miss Jeffrey Tambor's Maura being the core of each episode, and although I love the entire family, I am not sure I love the increased attention and emphasis on stand alone story lines for Maura's two daughters. Hopefully they will pull the family together again before I finish the shows last 4 episodes.

One off shoot story I am enjoying is Colton's search to find where he belongs. MacNicoll's Colton is such a unique and beautifully written character, played to perfection by MacNcoll. The New Jersey born actor is incredible at mixing a little lost puppy along with a sexual maturity and knowing soulfulness. I think it's that 'knowing' that shook the Rabbi up so much... Colton's last scene was heartbreaking and I hope he returns before too long.

Alex, far left, played one of the The Kilty Pleasures on the Las Vegas episode of Modern Family. Alex says on his Facebook page that unfortunately they cut out the entire dance that they did.... but the poster lives on!

Below Alex by Stephanie Diani

'Interestingly, the models who had the hardest time with the paddleball were those who had played tennis in high school, college, and beyond. And in one of those coincidental gifts that sometimes happen, actor Alex MacNicoll—who got the hang of the paddleball almost immediately—started telling the crew and me about his crazy sunburn from a weekend trip while showing off his paddling skills. As we were chatting, we realized a sunburned guy in boxer shorts playing paddleball was kind of an awesome variation. Alex was game and ran home to get his (fabulous) red plaid boxers.

Transparent Season 2, episode 2, Flicky-Flicky Thump-Thump

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