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Sensual Subtleties: Noah Scott by Gordon Nebeker

'You will note a great change in Noah's appearance from the first shoot to the second. For me, it was kind of fun as it was like working with two different models and, while I thought I liked the clean shaven Noah the best, his beard and lighter hair color has grown on me and that is what I would pick now if given the choice. Ah youth!! A great time in life to try out different looks and personalities!'

In a story earlier in the month, (Modulate) I wrote about 'change' being a core theme on FH for 2016. Whether intended or not, change seems to come up for me in many pieces that I write for the blog and whether intended it or not, I have come to understand it is mirroring the changes going on in my personal life. I would disagree only slightly with Gordon's comments about change as I think changing one's look, appearance and life might be easier when young, it is often more powerful when you're a bit older. At least I hope....

The interesting thing to me about the changes in Noah appearance is that they all occurred within a month. The clean shaven, darker haired Noah was shot in mid-October of last fall, the blonder version with the beard was just 30 days later in mid-November. I love both looks, for different reasons and went back and forth on how best to present them. Feature shoot 1, then do a follow-up featuring shoot 2 or blend the images, and looks together. Ultimately I think the contrast of weaving images from both shoots together, visually comparing the sensual subtleties of each of Noah's looks, was most stimulating to me.

Despite the slight changes with his appearance, there are some clearly things that stand out visually in both of the 20 year old college students shoots with Gordon. At 6’1”, Noah's long lean form is breathtaking as captured by Gordon, whether beautifully posed with dark hair on the window bench, or with blonde hair, sensually draped atop the coffee table. Noah could also never hide those beautifully expressive and gentle hazel eyes, despite any physical changes around them.

'I usually like to ease into a shoot taking some time to first shoot a model clothed before beginning the nude work. As I was answering his knock at the door for his second shoot, I noticed a lovely light and shadow pattern on the dining room floor which wouldn’t last long so he no sooner walked in the door than I had him nude on the floor while I quickly took some photos before the light and shadows disappeared. No complaints, just ‘what do we need to do to get the shot’. He is always very appreciative of any and every opportunity he is given.'

Gordon originally found Noah on Model Mayhem and was happy to learn that lived in Boston, close (about 15 minutes away) from where Gordon lives most of the year. 'Always nice to have a model in the neighborhood!' Gordon always appreciates working with a really good model, but says that it is extra special when that model turns out to be a great person as well. Gordon describes Noah as one of the easiest models he has every worked with and shares they are hoping together again in the spring for some underwater work when the pool is open.

'Usually at some point during a shoot, I will ask the model if there is some talent or skill they have that they haven’t shared with me as yet or a pose they would like to try. We were shooting some classic nude poses when I asked Noah that question and without a word he pushed himself up on his arms and his legs shot straight up in the air. In all my years of photography, I have never taken a photo of that pose before and I love how it turned out!'

Despite his ease and elegance in front of the lens, Noah has only been modeling for about a year. It was friends who pushed him into giving it a shot and it was those friends, wanting to practice something with their camera's, that provided Noah with his first modeling experiences. Noah never really saw himself modeling professionally until coming a across an ad looking for models on Craiglist. Not expecting much, he applied and before he knew it, Noah was getting jobs modeling for photographers in the Boston area.

'I like modeling because it gives me a huge confidence boost, when I walk in front of a camera it feels like I'm the best looking guy in the world. I like seeing wonderful pictures of me and I love meeting new people and learning new things about the industry. I'm a people person, so I like to be outgoing and connect with as much people as I possibly can.'

'When I started nude modeling, I was kind of nervous. I had these thoughts of "what if the photographer doesn't like my body" or "what if my shots turn out awful." I went to the gym pretty much everyday, doing everything I could to make sure I was confident enough to do my shoot. As soon as I got to my first nude shoot ever, all those doubts went away instantly. Nude modeling feels so casual to me now. I love doing it, and I love my image more and more as I do it.'

'Gordon made me feel so comfortable at the shoot and he's so creative in his work. It's an honor to be able to work with him, his shoots always turn out so great, I'm not sure he's ever sent me a photo he's produced that I didn't love. He's taught me a lot about modeling and the business. He's taught me many new poses and has taught me so much about the industry that I had no idea existed. Nude modeling has been so fun, and working with Gordon has made the world of difference. I never thought that I'd like it as much as I do now.I hope to one day do bigger things with it and be in events like New York Fashion Week or something along those lines.'

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