Monday, February 8, 2016

Complementary Colors: Nizar M by macpics

'With Ian knowing that I'm no shy guy when it comes to bearing skin and me knowing his love for the genre, It was natural that our collaboration consisted of nude and erotic photos.'

Complementary colors are basically colors, that go well together, colors, that when placed next to one other, create the strongest contrast. They are also colors, that appear directly opposite each other in the color spectrum. That is why people generally don't think it's wise to pair green with turquoise green, blue with purple or red with pink. It is thought, colors too closely aligned don't blend well together visually.

Of course we all know that isn't always the case. Whether two things, color in particular, work well together is how they're worn, the shades they come in, and creativity of the person blending them. I would consider photographer macpics and model Nizar M to be close together when it comes to their goals. Both love to create dynamic, erotic and uninhibited imagery. One loves to shoot skin, the other has no issue baring it. So, like the red and pink used within the shoot, they may not be traditionally complementary, their artistic alliance worked beautifully together.

Nizar shares that he and Ian (macpics) had been in contact through Model Mayhem for over a year, and both appreciated each others work. Given they both live in two different hemispheres, Nizar in Belgium, Ian in Australia, they never had the opportunity to work together. When Nizar had the opportunity to fly down under for his studies, he quickly contacted Ian to let him know he was heading to Melbourne.

Model and photographer got together the morning after Nizar had flown into Melbourne. They began with shoot outdoors, partly as Ian's way to show Nizar a little bit of Melbourne before heading back to Ian's studio for the remainder of the shoot. If you have seen my previous pieces featuring Nizar's images, (Both Sides Now / Tell Me Your Stories) you will know he has no issues exposing his body and soul.

Despite his experience doing erotic shoots, Ian shares that Nizar wasn't cocky, in fact he seemed a little a shy at first, but once they got to know each other, that quickly passed. Ian says the shoot's fun mostly stemmed from Nizar, who had a great sense of humour and who had him laughing through much of their time together. I chose some of my favorite shots from their time together for this piece, but you can much on Ian's tumblr HERE:

'The shoot was a little bitter-sweet for me because we only had a limited opportunity to shoot together. Nizar had a busy week, so we had to make the best of our time together. I'd love to get the chance to shoot with him again in order to develop and expand on the the many idea's I had wanted to explore. It was amazing though and a great boost to my ego that when he was planning his trip, he remembered I lived there and wrote to be before his arrival to plan a shoot. I believe I was the only photographer in Australia who got the opportunity to work with him!'

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