Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Something Spontaneous: Drew Kamp

I frequently say that what motivates me to contact an artist about a feature, it is often based on my seeing just one image. I Usually then do a little research and see more of their work, but it is usually whatever was in that first image that triggered my reaction, that motivates me to look further.

In the case of Germany's Drew Kamp, it wasn't just an image Drew took, but a self portrait that drew my attention. There was a beautiful vulnerability in Drew's exposure that had me wanting to see more of the artist's work. This theme, resonates throughout Drew's work, both with self portraits, and with his images of others. Drew seems to have the natural ability to peel away layers, both physical and emotional, seamless and without visible effort.

The 29 year old photographer is originally from Barcelona, but now lives and works in Berlin. Drew doesn't remember when he first starting shooting, just that all of his memories are of taking images, and the enjoyment he felt of capturing friends, family and eventually landscapes.

About seven years ago he began working with models. First, it was just with some friends, but then, like many photographers starting out, opened an on-line profile to begin connecting with models to shoot. I love the voyeuristic feel in many of Drew's images, especially his location images. There is an element of erotic risk that adds an energy to so may of his images that I love.

'I don't remember the exact moment when I started to shoot nudes, I think it was something spontaneous. I like to capture the human body in a natural way. I moved to Berlin a couple of years ago, and here in Germany​ people are more open minded ​in this sense.'

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