Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Eighties: Jean Shorts in the Southfork Pool

I have been focusing my Blast From The Past entries to the Eighties to go along with CNN's salute to the decade.  Actor Rock Hudson became the face of the crisis at the time, but two years before he was romancing Krystal Carrington on Dynasty, Timothy Patrick Murphy was romancing Lucy Ewing on the other prime time soap Dallas.

With Sarah Jessica Parker

Unlike Hudson, whose death attracted world wide attention, Murphy's death in 1988, at just 29, went largely unnoticed by the mainstream press.  I guess that's why I wanted to give the talented actor a bit of love and attention.  Murphy, like far too many men in the 80's, died without much attention.

With Michael Landon in Sam's Son (1984)

Many had family, partners and friends around, but given the fear and ignorance about Aids at the time, many did not have anyone with them when they moved on.  They have become #'s for the disease, instead of individuals, they are part of a statistic.

Boarding The Love Boat (1985)

I had not heard of Timothy Patrick Murphy really until after his death.  Although I remember watching Dallas as a kid with my parents, it was until The Nashville Network (TNN) re-aired the show in the late 90's that really remember crushing over Lucy's bad boy boyfriend.

Dallas (1982)

Murphy was incredibly sexy, especially in hose jean shorts and was a talented actor.  With the soap's over the top story lines, Murphy managed to bring a reality to his scenes that anchored some of the silliness going on around in the other plot lines.  Unlike Rock Hudson, who's successful career was mostly behind him by the time he took his television role, Murphy, like so many of the young men who died in the 80's and 90's, had his success waiting to take off in front of him.

Deathbed scenes with Charlene Tilton and legendary stage actress Kate Reid

Jean shorts, fur and the Southfork Swimming Pool

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