Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Preeminent: Daniel Day-Lewis

I almost didn't do my annual Academy Award tribute this year. As always, there was a lot of duplicate nominee's from last months Golden Globes, this year, maybe more than every. Then... I thought if I could find some caps, or create some, from projects I have not used before, or at least not over-used, I would see what I could do. So... when scanning the nominee's below you'll see I tried to stay clear of movies, even films with more explicit and revealing nudity, in an attempt to feature clips that are hopefully new, or newish to some readers.

When it comes to winning Oscars, the woman with the most wins is Katherine Hepburn with an impressive 4 statues. When it comes to actors, the leader is Daniel Day-Lewis who won three. Lewis won his first in 1989 for My Left Foot, again in 2007 for There Will Be Blood and most recently in 2012 for Lincoln. My personal favorites from the actors resume include; The Age of Innocence, My Beautiful Laundrette, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and A Room With A View. Sadly, Day-Lewis didn't partake in the skinning dipping scene...

From my research, it appears Day-Lewis has only appeared on screen twice without full wardrobe. Although he had a brief butt shot in 2004's In The Name Of The Father, his most exposure was in the 1988 comedy Stars And Bars. In the flick, Day-Lewis has an extended embarrassment nudity themed scene which includes a 'quick or you'll miss it' frontal. Sadly, like many films from the 1980's, Stars And Bars has never gotten a DVD nor Blu-ray release. Although the frontal was far to quick to get a decent cap, you can see it more clearly in the clip below.

Stars And Bars (1988)

Although some of the caps (Stars And Bars) were made by myself, thanks to Capserfan, Superherfan and Restituda for some of the caps below!

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