Tuesday, March 1, 2016

DukeS with and S

This post confirms that I have been watching far too much election coverage.... Although I have written a couple of political posts in the past, and cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would support Trump.... I have decided, especially with the current contentious atmosphere, to leave politics (for the most part) off the site. But... I was racking my brain on Sunday about why I felt a connection to all the talk about David Duke. I have NO connection, nor really much knowledge, about any racist organizations, yet there was something familiar, even positive about hearing the name. Turns out, an 's', can make all the difference in the world.

Dawson's Creek

A little googling reminded me of why I knew the name. There is another David, David Dukes, an actor I was introduced to during his time playing Jack's dad, Joseph McPhee, on Dawson's Creek. The character was only in a handful of episodes, but Jack's coming out scene with his dad, was pretty powerful, and one of the first coming out scenes I believe that I ever saw on television.

All in the Family (1977)

Dukes was a regular on television for much of the 70's, 80's and 90's and I was surprised to learn he played the man who attempted to rape Edith on another powerful television moment on All in the Family. Dukes, who died suddenly of a heart attack at just 55, was most well known for his roles on stage, including runs in Bent with Richard Gere, Dracula, Amedeus and M. Butterfly. Dukes was nominated for 3 Drama Desk awards and also Tony nominated for his role in Bent.

On Broadway with Richard Gere in Bent

The closest to a nude scene Dukes ever had was a 'blink or you'll miss it' shower scene in a 1994 episode of The Hitchiker. The caps below are the best I could do.

The Hitchhiker: Remembering Melody (1984)

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