Friday, March 25, 2016

Nick S82: No Pictures Please!

'I'm your biggest fan

I'll follow you until you love me

I love the exploration of theme and story within imagery, and in this set from photographer Nick S82, the theme is one I find especially fascinating. Nick's describes his shoots as mainly model-driven with a focus on body image, conscious vs subconscious body language and a variety of themes related to masculine physicality. Since I began featuring his work last year, Nick's focus has been clear and he doesn't usually give his models much to hide behind. Few props or diversions to take away from his focus.

Nick's stark way of capturing the male form contrasts the theme presented  here. Many celebrities, whose success if often connected to their level of fame, sometimes have a love/hate relationship with the press. Paparazzi have earned their negative reputation, but not because of what they do, but because of how many in the field choose to do it.

Not every celebrity wants their picture taken 24/7.  Most welcome it on the red carpet or a promotional event, but despise the intrusion at other times, especially when out with children and family.  Despite having a site based on images, I am not one of those people who believes it goes with the territory,  To me, taking someone's photo is an intimate interaction, and one that should occur only with their support and permission.  I know many disagree, but given how easy it is today to snap a picture of anyone, at any time, boundaries are important to respect.

Although it may be difficult for some to believe that some celebrities may not enjoy having their picture taken, it may be even more difficult to believe the same about models.  One of the reasons Nick's 'No Pictures' theme interested me so much is because of how many models hose images that I have featured seemed to HATE having their picture taken.

Not every actor wants fame, and oddly enough, not every model likes or wants to have their picture taken. It may seem an oxymoron, but many models I have interviewed, and many more who passed on being interviewed, don't want any attention at all about their work and images.  Some models get into the business as a stepping stone to another career, many, like with every other job that exsists, do it simply because they need to make a living.

Luke A

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Sometimes a models feelings about being in front of the camera come through clearly in their work. Most times however, with a talented model, and a skilled artist behind the lens, all we see as viewers is what the model and photographer choose for us to see.


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