Monday, March 7, 2016

Reclothe: Zach Clemens by NICKET

Got my striped tie
Got my hopes high

As you all know, FH is usually all about the reveal. Most of my stories begin with a clothed model and end, well with any fashion or material, on the floor. But.. as we all know, when we reveal out clothes for any purpose... we must at some point, whether we want to or not... put them back on again.

When I first introduced FH viewers to model Zach Clemens back in 2014, it was in a sexy two part series featuring Zach's work with studioAtruong. In both pieces, (Spark & Taking To His Bed) except for a pair of blue boxer briefs, (which were quickly stripped off) there was not a stitch of clothing in sight.

I was fortunate to be able to follow-up Zach's introduction the next year with a series of pieces, (Free Like A Bee & An Autumn Afternoon) featuring Zach's work with NICKET. Although I began each story with Nicholas's images of Zach dressed, by the end of each piece, there was nothing against Zach's skin but sand, rocks and tall grass.

Photographers and models, especially a model like Zach, should never be bound or tied to just doing nudes. One of the great things about having an exceptional male form is also how well that form looks in clothing. Although I often feature nudes, I actually sometimes struggle when I have only nudes images to include in a feature. With just nude images, often the model as a person, not to mention the skill of the photographer, get lost, or are ignored.

It was interesting in choosing images for this piece as opposed to the previous pieces on Zach which included a large percentage of nudes. I noticed Zach's adorable face the first time I saw it, and certainly his sexy and mischief smile. But I am not sure I quite caught his slight resemblance to actor Ryan Gosling, (as you might also catch in the three 'rock' images above) until Zach had reclothed, and the focus returned to his charm, smile and his beautiful face. As great as it is enjoying Zach wearing little to nothing, those clothes do eventually have to be put back on, for a little while anyway....

'Working with Zach on a fashion shoot was a nice change from previous shoots and it captures his great versatility in modeling. His look translates well between different genres.'

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