Friday, April 29, 2016

Instagrams that Inspire

I first started following performer, actor and model Huntley Woods on social media back in 2009. After seeing a shot of Huntley in a sailor hat on his Model Mayhem page, I was baited, then hooked.

Huntley is a performer through and through and in his modeling and acting work has a incredible chameleon quality, changing both his look, and the feel of his presentation.  Huntley does this mostly through his facial expressions and the degree of intensity in his eyes.  He pulls out both masculine and feminine qualities with equal fierceness, both engaging and incredibly hot!

If you follow Huntley on Instagram your in for a ride.  Be prepared for costumes, props, role play, tons of selfies in addition to professional modeling shots.  You'll also meet a ton of his friends who often show as much skin as Huntley.

With all of the science fiction costumes, I can't help but always think Huntley would make a perfect character on The Big Bang Theory.  The only problem would be that Leonard and Shelton would bore Huntley silly and you would most likely find him downing wine along with Penny and Bernadette.

Huntley by Gabriel Goldberg

Last two shots from Nick Lovell Photo

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