Monday, April 25, 2016

Riverdale Re-Dux

Long time FH readers know I love me some Archie Andrews and the gang. I have written several times about growing up reading the comics and my affection for the Riverdale High ginger. Last month, The CW wrapped up filming the pilot for Riverdale, the networks update featuring Archie and the gang.

The update certainly seems to be adding the sexy, with a hot group of actors playing Archie, Reggie, Kevin, Moose and even a huge hit of hunky in their version of Jughead. If you haven't already, let me introduce you to the new crop of students from Rivdale High.

If the dark haired K.J. Apa,  (above) doesn't scream Archie Andrews, how about K.J after a little Clairol......

I would never have thought of former Disney star Cole Sprouse to play Jughead Jones, but let's hope the show at least takes advantage of their casting by recreating a few of those beach scenes from the comics.

I love the casting of Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle.  Not only is Ross sexy as hell, he has the attitude to pull off Riverdale's rich snob.

Kevin Keller marks' actor Casey Cott's first professional acting gig on screen.

Kody Kearsley may need a bit of blonde Clairol to pull off playing Moose Mason, but he certainly seems to have the legs and body for the part.

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