Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Question of Character: Curtis Carter by Jamtron Studio

'Working with Curtis is like working with an actor inhabiting different roles'

David's (Jamtron Studio) quote above about working with model Curtis Carter  hit exactly on what I loved so much when discovering the imagery they created together.  The first of David's images of Curtis that I saw were not actually Curtis, but a character named Javier,, who was created during one of their shoots together.

I'll introduce you to Javier, the incredibly hot tree trimmer in a post below.  But before meeting Javier I want to introduce you to the photographer and model who created him.  I first introduced FH readers to work of Jamtron Studio back in the winter of 2014. (Flawless)  After seeing just one of David's images of Jourdon, I had to see more of his work.  I felt exactly the same way after seeing my first image of 22 year old Curtis Carter.  I saw Curtis' avatar and had to instantly click in order to see more of his portfolio.

I especially love how David so beautifully weaves edgy and erotic themes within extremely tasteful and classic images of the male form.  I think it has to do with David's focus.  David's focus remains his subject, there face and eyes and their expression of character and emotion.  Even within his images featuring nudity, there is an integrity of character which is always maintained. David and Curtis make a perfect creative team, something that Curtis shares started from the beginning . 'David and I connected through ModelMayhem. He liked my photos, I liked his.'

Within their many shoots together, Javier isn't the only role Curtis took on.  Curtis is incredibly versatile in front of the lens, sometimes he seems to be channelling the naive and sweet boy next door, other times, Curtis exudes an intense bad boy vibe.  The guy you know you should stay away from, but he makes it pretty much impossible to resist.  No matter what role the talented model takes on, he is incredibly sexy with his beautiful brown eyes, drawing you in every time.

'Curtis is so much fun to work with, it's truly a collaboration. I'll suggest an idea or outfit, and he makes a suggestion or addition that pushes the images that much further. He's up for anything,. He seems to change his persona to fit whatever project we happen to be working on. I've worked with him a number of times, and it's always exciting to see what new images we can come up with.'

'I love modeling because it gives me the freedom to express myself in my OWN way. I love speaking through pictures rather words. It says a lot about someone if they can tell a whole story through one picture of someone. Posing nude also gives me the ability to be completely free. It gives me power and self motivation and often courage to try bigger and better things!'

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