Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sweater Weather: Jonny by Alex Hilbert

Last week, I introduced FH readers to the work of San Francisco artist Alex Hilbert and his work with model and performer Jonny Reinhart. (Window Dressing)  I love Alex's shots of Jonny which blend fashion and design with a strong dose of erotic elegance.

Alex's images of Jonny are sexy as hell, yet artistically, rely on the creativity of both model and photographer more than just the flashing of skin.  Not that Jonny doesn't have beautiful skin, but it is his skill and ease with pose and movement, along with Alex's artistry with capturing it that made their work together so special.

This 'sweater series' is a great example.  As I said in the first piece, almost every of the 100 plus images I had the pleasure of reviewing were exceptional.  It was nearly impossible to narrow them down.  Although Jonny's beige sweater is included on, and off him, in this series, Alex captured so many variations and different looks that again, it became difficult to choose my favorites.

Sweaters are a particularly interesting piece of fashion.  Traditionally, sweaters, especially tight sweaters, have been associated with the female form.  For men, the connection is usually with older men.  Dad's and grandfathers who get the traditional Christmas sweater each Christmas.

I love how Alex threw this tradition on it's ear.  Giving 21 year old Jonny an over-sized sweater, and pretty much nothing else but a jock strap, was inspired.  With Alex and Jonny, a big beige sweater never looked so hot!

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