Monday, May 23, 2016

Uncredited Peen

Callender by Wolf Marloh

Sunday night, Game Of Thrones showed a penis. Today, forums, blogs and even the newspapers are calling foul. The problem isn't the penis itself, Classically trained British actor Rob Callender (above) has a perfectly beautiful package, (as seen at the bottom of the post) but some fans are pissed the pisser wasn't attached to an actor in the shows opening credits.

A Wine Seller's End

I don't get the outrage.  First off, I don't watch Game of Thrones for the nudity, I just really love the show.  The story, the characters, the look, the music, everything about the HBO drama has me looking forward to it on Sunday nights.   One can see naked men simply with the click of a mouse, why does it matter if it's on your favorite show.

Richard Madden

For some, it seems to come down to fairness.  Many seem to believe there are tons of scenes of boob and vagina, and not enough male skin.  I am sure someone has done the math, but almost every actor I have loved on the show, and many I don't, have shown a bit of skin.  Will Tudor and Alfie Allen have shown frontals, Alfie in the show's first season, before his character's manhood was removed. Several male extra's have been stripped down for frontals, including the poor wine merchant who ended up naked and tied to horse.

Iwan Rheon

Most of the casts hottest actors, in fact pretty much all of the younger male cast have shown their butt's including Kit Harington who showed a crack last week and my favorite Richard Madden who gave us a good view of Rob's rump before being killed off.

Eugene Simon

I don't get the anger, especially for a show that has stripped off Eugene Simon, Jason Momoa, Ivan Rheon and Michiel Huisman.  Madden and Harington, and pretty much all of the actors in the opening credits I am sure have a 'no frontal' clause in their contracts, especially now that the show is in it's sixth season.  Even the show's lead actress's don't show as much as they did in the show's early seasons with Lena Headley's naked walk last season done by a body double.

Jason Momoa

As far as I can see, Game of Thrones still offers more male nudity than most shows, and last night's instalment The Door had more than just a brief glimpse of penis and balls, it was also one of the best and most powerful episodes of the season.

Michiel Huisman

For me, nothing has to change, keep showing us the main cast members butt's and bring on the Rob Callender's whenever a peak of penis is required.  I only ask you don't ever kill of Jon Snow again.  If another main character needs to go, I am perfectly fine with Sansa (the show's most annoying character) biting the dust.

Nikolas Coster-Waldau

Alfie Allen

Will Tudor

Uncredited Callender, Game of Thrones, The Door

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