Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bath Time for Brothers

Bloody Mama, 1970

Last month, TCM aired the Roger Corman 1970 Gangster drama Bloody Mama.  I watched my DVR recording the other night, and had to share the first scene from the movie after the opening credits.  Shelly Winters played Kate 'Ma' Barker, and along with her family, including her 4 overall wearing sons, go on a crime spree of theft, violence and murder.

Ma's four sons are played by Don Stroud, Robert Walden, Clint Kimbrough and a very young.Robert De Niro.  In addition to a 'more than implied' prison sex scene between Walden and actor Bruce Dern, the film opened with Ma alternating bathing her sons in a tub on the front porch.

Don Stroud in Bloody Mama with Winters and in Playgirl

Mama bathes son Fred (Robert Walden) With Kimbrough and De Niro in the background

During the bath scene, the incredibly hot Clint Kimbrough along with.Robert De Niro were playing towel and horse playing in the background during much of the scene. Although it is not clear in the caps I made, if you watch the video, (below) it is clear Kimbrough and De Niro are completely naked in the scene.  Although nothing is clearly visible due to obstacles, shadow and camera angles, you can tell by looking closely, (which of course I did) there were no cock socks used in this 1970 drama.

Winters and De Niro

Walden and Bruce Dern

Bath time for the Barker Brothers

Clint Kimbrough and Robert De Niro

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Rodin New York said...

I saw the film in 1971 at the New Amsterdam on 42nd St. I bought it recently and loved watching it after all these years.