Friday, July 15, 2016

Further Pursuit: Cody Huston by Rick Day

'The models that i have been fortunate enough to shoot... have always trusted that I will make them look ideal.'

The quote above comes from my 2012 TMF interview with photographer Rick Day. Rick's use of the word ideal, perfectly fits his work, and the resulting images of Cody Huston.  Ideal, strong, confident, sultry, sexy and intensely desirable.  Through his pose, a bit of tease, and enticingly beautiful brown eyes, With just a quick glance at his images, Cody expertly, baits, hooks, then visually catches the viewer with just one quick cast of his rod.

'The shoot was amazing! It was my second nude shoot, my first was the day before with a different Photographer. The shoot with Rick was more than I expected. I was totally comfortable in front of the camera and being nude. I felt confident and sexy. Rick was super easy to work with and very kind.'

'I walked away from the shoot knowing that modeling is something I wanted to pursue further and that it's something that I love doing.'

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Anonymous said...

Bringing the full Cody Huston realness: many thanks for sharing great work!