Friday, July 15, 2016

Instagrams that Inspire: Cody Huston

'I want people to see nudity for the wonderous works of art that they truly are.'

I certainly experienced a wondrous feeling when last month, I came upon the work of 24 year old artist and model Cody Hustion.  The image, shot by Rick Day, (shown in the piece below) was a strong, no holds barred shot of Cody standing naked in front of a set of tall book shelves.  Cody appeared incredibly confident and self assured, not to mention so incredibly hot!

I was sure the model I was contacting must have had many nude shoots under his belt to appear as comfortable in came across in front of Day's lens.   I was proven wrong however after Cody shared that his shoot with Day was only his second nude shoot and his first, had happened just the day before.  Cody's attitude about nudity, along with his incredibly toned body, has given him the confidence of a seasoned model.  

'I believe that the human body is a beautiful gift in which our souls reside and that it is an artistic masterpiece. I find it odd that our society sees nudity as inappropriate and makes us feel ashamed and degraded to be naked. I want to contribute to making nudity normal and beautiful.'

Cody's images with Rick Day are just below, but I also wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from the Ohio models Instagram.  Be sure to check out more HERE:

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