Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Night Before: Gage by D L Scott Photography

So.. that model I mentioned above.  The model out of his underwear who inspired me to contact photographer and designer Dion Scott.  Gage was not one of the strippers who inspired Dion's designs, but I think that you'll agree,  that some of Dion's images of Gage are most certainly inspirational.

Gage came to Dion's attention via word of mouth.  Dion was doing nude shots of a mutual friend who kept talking about Gage and how much he thought Dion would like him.  Dion didn't realise that the mutual friend had invited Gage over during their photoshoot.

'There was a knock at the door and I was like who is that?  I opened the door and there he was. Gage walked in and introduced himself. I was pleased. I walked away for a minute and came back to the living room to see Gage nude as well. My mind was swirling. I mean these straight boys walk into the house and just take off their clothes! Fine by me. '

Dion took a few shots of Gage and after his friend left, they really started getting creatively into the shoot.  Gage ate up the camera and loved the attention!  It was getting late so they wrapped up and Dion drove Gage home.  It was during the drive he asked Gage about modeling some of the new prototypes of his underwear designs.  Gage was excited about the idea and they made plans to meet up and shoot again.  After he dropped him off, Gage texted through the night how much he was looking forward to getting in front of the camera again.

'Unfortunately it was a couple of months before I saw him again and could schedule a shoot. By that time, Gage had put on more muscle and was looking really good. I picked him up and we ate lunch and went back to my place for the shoot. I took a lot of pictures of him that day and we both looked at them before he left the house. We were both amazed at how well they turned out and how great he looked.'

'Gage is a kind soul with a big heart. We did more shoots for his own personal stash and he modeled the underwear more. Every time he was with me he always wanted to be in front of the camera. We did do a few shots outside here and there but mostly on the side of my house or the backyard, with the exception of the railroad tracks. We were leaving his house that day and I asked him if there was any place we could go that was isolated. He had already told me that he didn't mind taking nudes so I wanted to get him on the tracks.'

'I love the railroad tracks! We were driving down a side road and I found a clearing and stopped the car. We got our and walked on the tracks for a little bit. I wanted him to be shielded from any cars that may drive down the side of the road. We were blocked by bushes and I asked him to take off all of his clothes and stand in between the tracks and he did. I took some from the front, side, back and of course with him balancing on the tracks.' 

'My favorites are the front and the image below. Gage is balanced, looking directly at the camera. Gage commands a presence with the picture of him facing the camera. The way he stands, the facial expression, everything about that pictures speaks to me. At one point that picture ended up on Tumblr I did not post it, but someone saw it and obviously liked it  enough to take and post. With 10k likes, it was encouraging to see the image, and my work appreciated and enjoyed.'

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