Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Morning After: Blake by D L Scott Photography

'When I woke up the next morning I went and bought a sewing machine, fabric, and waistbands. I had a logo created for me and thus began EZIO.'

Now before we get to that morning after, we have to find out what happened the night before. Lets just say it included male strippers and in particular, the underwear they were wearing. Over the years, underwear has become more and more important in male fashion.  Once something worn but rarely seen, underwear has become something that is not only seen, but a piece of fashion that makes a statement and plays a role in how men feel about themselves and their bodies.  So... that night before...

'I was at a male strip club and was talking to dancers. They were getting ready to go on stage and they kept pulling their underwear down. When I asked them what they were doing, they told me that they were pulling down the underwear so they can show the V shape. These guys are in great shape. Of course at the time I was drinking, so I told them that I would go home and put a little underwear design together where the waist band is shaped into a V band and we would go from there. We all laughed a bit and they went on stage.'

That V shape not only inspired Dion Scott with his underwear design, but in creating EZIO bodywear, a new clothing design company with a focus on fashionable, comfortable and affordable body wear for men.  I think the Dion's V shape design is not only genius, but both practical, and incredibly sexy.   Full disclosure.... although I love Dion's bodywear, it wasn't EZIO underwear that first had me contacting him.  It was in fact, an incredible model out of his underwear.  That model, Gage, is featured below and he ended up modeling many of the early versions and prototypes for Dion's designs.

It was actually Dion's photography that came first.  Dion recalls shooting with an old film camera and learning through a lot of trial and error.  Although he knew Portland artist knew there were better ways to capture an image, Dion wanted to learn the original way.  It was after moving to Portland that he picked up his first digital camera, a Canon Rebel and began shooting landscapes, buildings, sunsets and things Dion was passionate about and caught his eye.  Dion feels the addition of the design piece has really propelled his photography to another level.

Once Dion had his design and prototypes created, he  needed bodies to model them so he could see the finish product. Dion says that he got wrapped up in the design and fit of the underwear and making sure that it was perfect. He began looking for more people to try them on, including using his photography page on Model Mayhem.  It wasn't MM but Dion's business partner that introduced to him Blake, the newest model he shot for the line.

'We started the shoot in my house, lights, backdrops, and all that good stuff. Blake is super easy to work for and takes direction very well. Always smiling and very lighthearted. We decided to take the shoot outside so we drove down to the tracks. This is about 18 miles from my house. It is not an isolated spot but we walked down a little ways. People saw me with the camera and asked what we were doing. I am always reluctant to say that I am shooting a man in his underwear because we get some lurkers coming around. This day it was busier in the park than I had imagined because it was the 4th of July. We did as many photos as we could before people started asking me to take pictures of them in their underwear. LOL. I had to explain that this was for a business so I gave them a business card. :-)'

'After the tracks we went to Rooster Rock, a clothing optional area.  We were lucky to have the weather on our side that day. It was a little cool when we started but the sun peeked out a few times making it a little more tolerable for Blake.  We did a lot of great pictures close to the water and in the brush. He loves the attention so we gave it all to him. Plus I love a good model who is really open to do the work. We finished our shoot, taking a total of 1900 pictures between the two of us. We don't always take that many but as you can tell he is a really good subject to work with!'

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