Monday, July 4, 2016

The Ultimate: Zach Hamam by Clyph Jean-Philippe

'Zach is the ultimate daddy with his delicious good looks and perfect body!'

At just 34, model and actor Zach Hamam seems a wee young to be called a daddy, but DNA was right on the money describing him as The Ultimate with an deliciously perfect body. Zach's body comes from years of hard work, not to mention his passion for creating beautiful and inspiring work. His years in the modeling industry have given him the experience, and the skill to bring all of his skills and creative artistry to every shoot and project he is a part of.

Zach certainly brought his A game in his work with Los Angeles based photographer Clyph Jean-Philippe. Clyph expertly captured Zach, and every inch of his incredible body.  At work, at play and in and out of his clothing.  With some photographers , can almost feel the fashion shots are hastily taken to move on to shooting the model out of his clothing.  Clyph however, gives equal attention to the detail in every image, one of my favorites being the creative and colorful shot of Zach in his purple suit.

Of course, at some point, especially with a model with Zach's physique, shoot him unconfined from his clothing, even a beautiful purple suit!  Again, Clyph beautiful captures Zach, including a couple of incredible shots of Zach's well toned, and well posed beautiful behind!  Although Clyph's site motto is the lyrically phrased, 'Unbound by Words', he shared a few words about his work with Zach.

'My photography Journey with Zach Hamam started 3 years ago. We have done a total of four shoots counting this one. A year and a half ago I moved to L.A., when I came to visit Florida, Zach and I decided to do a shoot together. We usually put together a mood board together and let the photoshoot evolve from there. Zach is very funny and sarcastic, which goes really well me, because I too am funny and sarcastic. He is easy to work with and is a very hard worker, and very encouraging to me. I always have a great time shooting with him.'

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