Saturday, July 23, 2016

Usher Richbanks by Bob Burkhardt

'Photography allows a Model to Become Art in Motion.'

Atlanta's Bob Burkhardt normally provides me with some great behind the scenes commentary. In the case of his work with model and porn star Usher Richbanks, when I asked about their work together, Bob got unusually quiet.

It's not that Bob didn't enjoy working with Usher, he describes him as incredibly handsome, fun and creative.  Bob additionally passed on however,  that Usher prefers to let his photos tell the story. Now I generally wax poetic about the models and artists I feature, but... I respect Usher's wishes. In addition, as you can see, Bob's images, and Usher's story, are visually extensive and impressive, all on their own.

~Check out a few extras of Usher on The Over-Flow HERE~

Usher Richbanks shot by Bob Burkhardt for Black Rayne Productions

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