Friday, July 8, 2016

Vision Quest: Daine by Brett Kiellerop

'I like to capture and share a model's personality with the world!'

It's interesting what you see when really look.  I have been fortunate to have featured the work Queensland writer and photographer Brett Kiellerop several times over the past few years.  Several of those pieces focused on his work with the incredibly sexy, and completely adorable, Daine.

Some of you might remember those past features, but some of you may not.  In the previous pieces featuring Brett's imagery with Daine, the Kiwi model has been covered blood,, in body paint, as a tiger and masked in black leather as the executioner. Although Daine's appeal was always shown through, this time, I thought I wanted to keep the focus squarely on Daine's hot body, personality and beautiful face and smile.

I also wanted to again return to Brett's images as sort of celebration to some recent great news.  In previous stories on Brett's work, I shared Brett's loss of vision, and his struggle to shoot again as he re-navigated his work with the visual limitations.  Well... the bad news is Brett has to again re-navigate his work as a photographer, the good news, is because after 4 years of limited eye sight, after a recent surgery, Brett's vision has been almost completely restored. 'I'm shouting the news about my vision recovery from the rooftops.. it feels like a miracle!'

'To celebrate, as soon as I can find some fun quirky models, I'll be back behind the camera! I'm going to Newcastle for a couple of weeks, and have put up an availability notice on Model Mayhem to hopefully connect with some aspiring models while I'm there... Fingers crossed!'

Joining into Brett's celebration, I decided to go back to his work with Daine, and share some new images I had not featured before.  Daine is one of the main attractions from Brett's photo book Aussie Gods.  If you haven't check out the book, the over 200 page (many with  Daine!)  Kindle addition is just under four bucks on Amazon 

In addition to being one of my favorites, Daine is also one of Brett's favorites. Brett describes Daine as so easygoing and friendly, a great listener.  Daine also has the ability to make whomever he is with, and whatever he is doing feel incredibly special, diving into his work with patience, tolerance as well as being incredibly open to just about anything creative.  As soon as Brett is back to shooting on a regular basis, he plans on approaching Daine again about stepping in front of his lens again.

While choosing images for this piece, I tried to focus as stated on Daine's personality, something he exudes beautifully through his images.  I didn't remember noticing, maybe due to the body paint and blood, the scars across Daine's chest.  Although they cover much of Daine's chest and upper body, they also didn't take away from the visual beauty of his body, in fact they added a layer of interest and depth.

'Initially, Daine was concerned that his scars would prevent him from being a model. He had a nasty sliding fall during a rugby game, which resulted in long red gashes over his chest. But I liked the scars! He has a dragon tattoo coming over his shoulder, and the scars ran perpendicular to the dragon's head. To me, it looked like a dragon war was taking place on his chest, with the scars being the flames from a dragon not yet in play.'

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