Monday, August 8, 2016

Preamble: Luke by macpics

'A mysterious, exotic beauty from the East.'

I always enjoy featuring the work of Melbourne photographer Ian from macpics.  Over the last couple of years Ian has shared some of the most beautiful men, and some of the most erotically charged  and colorful images of the male form.

In regards to Luke.... I have been hoping to feature Ian's work with the 21 year old Australian model since getting a taste and tease last Christmas.  Luke was one of the Santa's I featured in my tribute to the Grinch on Christmas Eve. (It came without packages, boxes or bags!)  I love Luke's look, his incredible body and face and his beautifully sensual dark eyes.

Luke certainly came with a package, but one he is not quite ready to share with the world on-line.
When I asked Ian about Luke, he gave the standard photographer response to his work with Luke. ' I can say that he's cooperative and easy and pleasant to work with.'  Needless to say, I could tell there had to be much more to the story.

Although the model and photographer shot a couple of times, on the streets of Melbourne, and in Ian's studio, Ian teased he wasn't able to share some of the more interesting behind the scenes stories. Maybe in the future but for now, Luke will have to remain that  mysterious, exotic beauty from the East.

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