Monday, August 8, 2016

The Hoff's Head in Revenge Of The Cheerleaders

Like grape pop and lickamade, I am convinced David Hasselhoff is something only truly appreciated by those under the age of 10.  When I was under the age of 10, I used to love watching Hasselhoff and his tight jeans in Knight Rider.   When the show ended in 1986, I was also 11, and done with my Hasselhoff obsession.

But.... When I was doing my July 17th Birthday post last month, I was again reminded of Hasselholf's 1976 nude scene in Revenge of the Cheerleaders.  I had seen caps, but decided it was time to finally watch the film.

There were a few interesting male nude scenes in the flick, some of which I might post about down the road, but for today lets keep the focus on the Hoff.  Hasselhoff doesn't really have many lines in the flick, he is more a glorified 'jock' extra, looking hot, and usually sweaty and wet, in most of his scenes.

The actors nude scene was a bit hard to cap.  His shower scenes were cut in and out of a rather disgusting drug induced lunchroom food scene.  His frontal however, with pause, was very clear and very nice.  When some female students headed into the male showers, the guys just turned around and began lathering the girls up.  

This was when you had a few seconds of Hasselholf's frontal as a couple of classmates scrubbed him off.   I love when actors have early nude scenes that would have gone basically unnoticed if not for the actors success.  Glad a finally watched the flick and glad I also discovered the blonde behind the ice cream counter... (More on him later)

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