Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stoned Again!

One of my favorite parts of doing FH is Blast From The Past. I always wanted the site to focus on more than just the man of the moment. There are so many talented actors, models and singers who were small, but significant part of my growing up and I love taking a look back them. But... with FH about to enter it's 10th year, I have covered pretty much all of them. So, I decided to look back at some of my early Blast posts to see if there was anyone I wanted to check back in with again.

Although he played a teenager on Mr. Belevdere, actor Rob Stone was in his early twenties when the show was in production. I was on the brink of my teenage years, and took instant notice of Rob. I didn't watch the show much, but when I did it was to check in on Rob and the tightness of the jeans he often wore. Rob had a distinct look, such a great face and an incredibly hot body. I first featured Rob back in 2008, and when looking back at the post was surprised I couldn't find a recent pic.

Well, eight years later, it was easy to find a few recent shots of Rob, and as you can see from the shot below, Rob has not lost his ability to turn heads! Rob left acting not long after Belevdere went off the air, but didn't leave show business completely. Rob went on to start his own production company focusing on documentaries, many of which have been produced, and directed by the former actor.

The cast in 2009 recording commentary tracks for the shows DVD release.

I am sure there are man guys that I haven't remembered, some come flooding back after seeing an image, an old TV show, or hearing a news story. In the meantime, I enjoyed looking back and searching for shots of Rob so I may return to some of my favorites in FH's 10th year.

Below: With Brian Robbins (Head Of The Class)

This Halloween episode is on Youtube HERE: Sadly Rob only sports the French Maids uniform for a few seconds at the end!

What are you doing Mr. Belvedere!

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