Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Way I Want To Be Seen: Guy Triche by msbimages

'As a model, you rarely have an idea of who the person behind the camera is before you meet them, so naturally I was a little nervous walking into a strangers home knowing I was about to drop my trousers.'

Whenever I profile a model who has shot nude I have a few standard questions that I like to ask. Although one of them is 'why', my main interest and curiosity is always more about the 'how'. How did photographer and model connect. How did the conversations/communication go before hand. How far were you comfortable going, nudity wise, and how was the experience over-all. When there are erections captured, I also want to know how. Not how it happened, but if it was planned, or a just a natural part of the process. I knew when photographer Michal Boothe sent on his work with 25 year old Louisiana model Guy Triche, I had a model who would be open to my asking the how's.

Before we get to those how's, let's start with Guy's face. In my previous features on Michal's work, I always comment on Michal's superb ability to capture the simple beauty of a man's face. The depth of color in the eye, skin tone, ears, lips and mouth.  Guy's face is instantly memorable.  Open and friendly with an easy sexy smile and those gorgeous blue eyes.   Michal's portraits in many ways, are like the first chapter of a book you don't want to put down.  In that first chapter, Michal so beautifully introduces us to a model, a man, it intensifies our enjoyment of the rest of the story.  In this case, the rest of the story is the body, and Guy's body is one we want to enjoy slowly, slowly taking it in visually, with no rush to get to the end of the book.

'Guy was a pleasure to work with. His eyes were the first thing I noticed and grabbed me when we met and they seem to change color from blue to green depending on the light, and they seem to glow from the inside. He is very engaging in person and quick to laugh. He is proud of his Louisiana "Cajun" heritage. And he is very hard working and is currently holding down four jobs among which is a personal trainer for cross fit to which he is very dedicated. And the results speak for themselves in his amazing body which he has worked very hard to achieve.'

So, those how's....  I am going to turn the narrative over to Guy, who fills in the blanks about how he got into modeling, his first time shooting nude and his experience working with Michal.  To begin, here's a few of the answers to a quick questionnaire Michael asked Guy to fill out during the shoot.

How do you see yourself?
As a young professional who gives 110% to achieve goals

What do you like about your image in photos?
To see the physical changes I've made come to life in art

What is your favorite part of your body?

Are you secure with your physical image?
Finally, yes!

Being seen nude makes you think of feel?
Sometimes self conscious, but nudity is simple, natural and comfortable

What is your definition of beauty?

Do you fear the physical changes of getting older?
No, but I will put up a fight!

How did you start nude modeling journey begin?
My first experience was a blur, honestly. At the time, I was in college, living in a house with 5 other guys and just living it up. One of my roommates at the time was wanting to expand his photography from head shots and weddings to artistic nudes. He and I were talking about it one day at the house and after listening to the ideas he had, I decided to volunteer with the one condition that these images were for practice and would not be published or seen by anyone else...

That night we got to work and created a studio in our house. At this, I had not yet began my fitness journey and was extremely shy about being seen nude, especially by a camera. At first, there was this sense of taboo about what I was doing but as once I was able to see the finished images, I knew 2 things. First, I needed to start working out; and second, this was something I could see myself doing more often. He and I have worked together several times throughout the years and each shoot has been more comfortable and natural than the last. I owe him so much for helping me to discover this part of myself.

Fast forward 4 years and my body has transformed and I am more confident than ever before. I was approached by a photographer here on town who I agreed to meet with but wasn't comfortable working with him. His style is very dark and I felt did not reflect my personality. Although we did not work together, he did introduce me to Model Mayhem where I was scouted by our friend, Michal! Immediately, I fell in love with the simplicity and beauty of Michal's work and remember thinking that he would be the guy to capture me the way I want to be seen.

How was your experience working with Michal?
Coordination with Michal took some time and patience as he only uses natural light, I live 3 hours away, and as you may have noticed, I keep a rather tight schedule; but one day the stars aligned and I was on my way to meet him. As a model, you rarely have an idea of who the person behind the camera is before you meet them, so naturally I was a little nervous walking into a strangers home knowing I was about to drop my trousers. I took comfort in the fact that Michal displayed the up most professionalism in the months we spent coordinating the shoot. Thankfully, he is a very easy fellow to get along with and we were able to work together without any quandaries. 

How did those erection shots come about?
Time flew by as we shot; we laughed and kept the spirit of the shoot light. The erection was no where to be found in the beginning... but,  we eventually got to a pose that "looked better fluffed".  So, I gave the little guy a tug and sent some blood downstairs. We never reached full erection and when we did, it didn't last long. It's a special talent for anyone to be able to hold their entire body flexed and keep an erection HAHA.

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