Thursday, September 15, 2016

Welcome to the Men's Group

What Happens when Men become brutally honest?

Back in 2014, when putting together a feature on actor Timothy Bottoms, I mentioned his upcoming film, The Men's Group. Well, the film is completed, and will be released soon with some rather unexpected, but welcome surprises. Those suprises come in the form of a hilarious nude scene featuring pretty much the entire male cast including Bottoms, David Clennon, Stephen Tobolwsky and little Andy, (all grown up) from The Facts Of Life, McKenzie Astin.

Writer and producers Joseph Culp and Scott Ben-Yashar are raising money for the film's release, so I won't post any frontals, but they are offering a sneak peak of the film to those who donate to back the film's release. If you make a small donation in the next 10 days, they're proving a full download of the movie. Check out more about the film at their campaign site HERE:

(l-r) David Clennon, Timothy Bottoms, Ali Saam, Mackenzie Astin, Joseph Culp, Terrance Rotolo, Phil Abrams, and Stephen Tobolowsky down in front.

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native1 said...

Ty, there is a full frontal shot of the group you are missing.