Monday, October 3, 2016

Comme ci, Comme ça

Kate Mckinnon was great as always and Alec Baldwin brought the buzz, but there was still something lacking from last weeks Saturday Night Live. I might have been the build up, and the brilliant promo of Mckinnon and Baldwin getting into their characters, but I laughed far less than usual at this seasons premiere. It might have been the writing, Weekend Update was bad, or it might have been the loss of Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam.

'I think they were great, and they did wonderful work when they were with us,” Michaels told USA Today. “They served the show well, and are two people I really care about.” Adding, “Change is the lifeblood of the show; it always has been. And you have to keep bringing new people in.
Lorne Michaels

There has to be more than that! Both actors were magic with Killam the male lead for most of his run and Pharoah really coming into his own last season, especially in his portrayal of Ben Carson. If Michaels wanted new blood, how about booting Bobby Moynihan or Kenan Thompson. Now I like both actors, but both have been on SNL much longer, Thompson, since 2003. How about booting Sasheer Zamata? I know she came on with a ton of fan fare but has yet to create a memorable character, or even a great moment.

The good news is, both actors quickly got roles on Showtime series, we knew it wouldn't take long. I love Jay's new buff bod, but also loved how he looked on SNL. Although both will do fine, I will still miss them on Saturday nights. Cast members come and go, that's life, but both actors still had another year on their contracts and it seems rather.... well unnecessary to boot two such talented cast members who so many more laughs to give.

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