Friday, October 28, 2016

Horror Hunks: Bob Morley & Xavier Samuel in Road Train

2010's Road Train (aka Road Kill) definitely has two of horror movies hottest male leads in the beautiful forms of Bob Morley and Xavier Samuel. In the films opening scenes, one (Morley) is shown having sexy with his girlfriend, the other (Samuel) is decidedly not...

The scene gives us the films only male nudity with a few quick side flashes of Morley's hind quarters, but both actors remain incredibly appealing, and incredibly sexy the remainder of the flick. One part Joy Ride, another part Duel, the guys and their girlfriends are driving through the Australian outback when they find themselves stalked, hunted and haunted by a road train.

Bob Morley

Xavier Samuel

Road Kill (2010)

Morley in The 100

Samuel in Newcastle

Although Samuel doesn't have a nude scene in Road Kill, I have covered a couple of his uncoverings in previous posts, including his naked beach run with Lachlan Buchanan in Newcastle. (above)

Samuel in A Few Best Men

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