Monday, December 26, 2016

Pajama Day!

Sometimes you just need a pajama day!

I have written before about the town I live in. It's a bit Stars Hollow like in it's love of holiday's and festivals. It also has no tolerance for those who want to lead normal live on a holiday. Our town shuts down, and I mean completely at 5pm on Christmas Eve. The shut down is so severe, the local tv station post the one gas station and drug store that is open over the holiday. The stores don't open at midnight on Christmas night, nor at 9a.m on the 26th. They remain closed until the morning of the 27th, and that is when Boxing Day sales begin.

As an adult, I have come to appreciate this shut down, but as a kid it was annoying. I was chomping at the bit to spent that $20 bill from Aunt Irene, and hated having to wait until the 27th. The one good thing, that with both school, and most of the stores closed, Christmas was more than a day, but a week. A week of spending most of our time in our pj's. Even went we went out, to visit friends, or even play in the snow, it was our pajama's we put back on when we came in. We watched cartoons all day, except when mom watched her soaps, and played with our new Christmas toys and games.

This year, I returned to school to take a few classes, and am feeling a bit of déjà vu to those pajama days. I have had a few commitments, and have been on a road a bit to get to my family for Christmas, but after the 28th, am planning on 3 full pajama days! It doesn't really matter if you actually wear pajamas at night, most people these days don't. I don't actually have a full set of pj's, but two flannel pajama bottoms, just for wearing on cold winter days. I hope you all get at least one or two before life starts up again (for those who actually get a brief pause) after the New Year.

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