Sunday, January 1, 2017

Gordon Nebeker: First Crack At It

As part of FH's 2017 first theme, I am asking, (bugging) many of my favorite photographers about their first time shooting a nude model. It is always interesting to ask models about taking it off for the first time, but I am equally fascinated about the experience of the photographer. Were they nervous, excited or completely calm? Were there questions or concerns about the location, or how to approach a model about an idea or concept. What poses, lighting issues or technical concerns might come up during the shoot. How did they choose the model in question and how would they ensure they were on the same page creatively and with expectations. The first artist who took the FH first challenge was Gordon Nebeker who sent back his story, and his images, from his shoot with Calisto. Thank you Gordon!

'I really don’t remember being very nervous about it (I had been a student in several nude figure drawing classes before) but I am sure I must have been a little nervous . Whatever nerves I had must have quickly gone away because I remember being concerned that Calisto might be uncomfortable but he really wasn’t. It was all very professional and I remember feeling good about that.'

'My shoot with Calisto back in March, 2009. It was implied (at his request, but I have never held that against him!). Some of these images are still among my most favorite and I learned so much about lighting and post processing from this experience. I had some bad shadows in one or two of the photographs which an on-line photographer buddy taught me how to fix in post. I have never been a PhotoShop user, preferring to use Apple's Aperture which I use to this day, although Apple has stopped supporting it and one day I will be forced to change post processing programs. It was also at this time that I started using the Nic Software plug-ins and I still think their black and white conversion options are among the best out there. I took all of these in color but I think the black and white versions look the best. Calisto was wonderful to work with. Very professional (he had done some fashion modeling) and he had a great sense of humor. We remain FaceBook friends to this day. We did the shoot in Florida where he was working at the time but he soon moved to Atlanta where he has become a very successful hair stylist and fashion entrepreneur. The first book I ever made of my photographs was created from the photos we took during his shoot.'

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