Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Impressions: Gerry by Brett Kiellerop

'If I can make someone's day by showing off my mostly nude body, that's just a bonus.'

So, given that I have made 'firsts' a theme for 2017, it seemed appropriate that I start the year off with a true first, photographer Brett Kiellerop's images of Gerry. There are many 'first's associated with Brett's of Gerry, the main one being it is was Gerry's very first time as a model and shooting with a professional photographer. There are also a couple of other firsts, with both emotional and familial connections.

As some of you may remember from my previous posts featuring Brett's work, the Wellington photographer had struggled the past few year in continuing his passion for photographing the male form after suffering a vision loss that dramatically reduced his ability to see. But... after a successful surgery last year, Brett's eyesight is pretty much back to normal. This had the visual artist excited to purchase new camera equipment and get quickly back into the studio.

One of the first models to Brett captured when he resumed shooting was Gerry. Brett and Gerry didn't connect on Model Mayhem, Gerry didn't have a MM page yet. He had no images anywhere on the net except selfies and family photos. But... the Queensland mechanic had always wanted to give modeling a try, dip his toe into the water and maybe supplement his his income a little. Gerry didn't have to look far to find a photographer to assist him with his goal.

Gerry was familiar with both Brett and his work. In fact, they are going to to soon be 'officially' connected as Gerry is engaged to Brett's Goddaughter. Given the relationship, there weren't going to be any nudes or overly sexualized images. The goal for both Gerry and Brett, as well as Brett's husband David, who also assisted, and worked on a video diary of the shoot, was much more straightforward.

'The goal of the shoot was simply to end up with enough decent photos for Gerry to create a Model Mayhem profile... a goal I think we knocked out of the park. The photo shoot was quite impromptu, with a rough set up and very amateurish flow, but we had a blast. Gerry suffered the usual first-time model insecurities... am I good looking enough, will my friends laugh at me, etc... hopefully these photos allayed his fears. He has personality by the truckload, but his biggest asset are his eyes.'

Gerry's blue eyes are stunning, but he also has great facial structure and love how his nose and jawline photograph.  Gerry also has a great body and looks incredibly comfortable showing it off in front of the lens, in part I'm sure, due to the trust he has in both Brett and David. But, if you check out the behind the scenes post below, Gerry's enjoyment of the process is contagious to the viewer. I also have to say I find Gerry's rosy cheeks (his face!) both completely adorable and hot!   Rosy cheeks occur with many of us, especially in situations that are new and maybe a bit risky. This is especially true if taking off most of your clothes is a part of that new experience!

If you want to see more of Gerry's work Brett, his new Model Mayhem page is up and ready HERE:

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